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Project Description

When you deploy user pictures in AD, using thumbnailPhoto atribute, and visible in Lync or Exchange address book, they are not by default set on User Tile in logon screen or explorer of Windows 7 or Windows Vista.
This program runs as GPO startup script, and sets user tile from ad.

UserTile is an application, that is written to be run as a startup script on Windows VIsta and Windows 7 - so on systems,that nativly have installed .Net Framework v2, and have an ability to display user tile on logon screen and in start menu.
The main principle of this application is to run silent - even on errors.

This application does the following:
  • Connects to AD on user account credentials
  • Finds thumbnailPhoto on User object
    • Copies thumbnailPhoto value to users's temp folder, as jpg file
    • set windows tile to user photo attribute - by using SetUserTile from shell32.dll
  • If not found
    • check there is an file provided in arguments path
    • apply the file specified as an argument

For GPO creation guidline, see Documentation

If you are concerned about additional traffic that this application generate:
When deploying via GPO, there is some amount of traffic used with each logon. UserTile is aprox. 6kb, and thumbnailPhoto can be set up to 100kb, with preferred size < 10kb. So on avarge, there is 16kb traffic from user, meaning that on fast ethernet network there is a limit of 64k connections from users per DC in that site - so impact on network traffic should not be an issue.
The execution time of this application is reported by my computer as something below 1ms - while disconnected, and below 1s while connected to ad.

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